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In summer 2022, the BioTAP Executive Committee approved new by-laws and policies and procedures for the network, and formally enacted three standing committees to administer BioTAP activities: Conference, Education, and Communication & Networking.

In addition, the by-laws established a process for the membership to vote for members of these committees, along with a president and treasurer. The Executive Committee is very pleased to announce the 2022 slate of officers below. Look for an announcement tied to the annual virtual conference about nominations and voting for the two open positions: president-elect, and treasurer.

2022 BioTAP Officers


To be elected by BioTAP members by January 2023

Acting President:

Adam Chouinard, Oregon State University

Past President:

Beth Schussler, University of Tennessee Knoxville


To be elected by BioTAP members by January 2023

Education Committee

Chair: Erin Shortlidge, Portland State University

​Vice Chair: Lori Kayes, Oregon State University


Kimberly Bell
Marina Crowder
Emma Goodwin
Julia Gouvea
Star Lee
Gili Marbach-Ad
Sam Skrob-Martin
Erica Szeller
FW Williamson

Networking Committee

Chair: Dan Johnson, Wake Forest University


Theodore Alivio
Stefanie Chen
Deborah Lichti
Stephanie Gutzler
Brent Stoffer




Conference Committee

Chair: Frank Castelli, Georgia State University


Ash Heim
Kaleb Heinrich
Amy Keagy
Carrie Monje
Summer Morrill
Amy Pate

Last Revised: 9/24/22

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