In spring 2021, the BioTAP Sustainability Task Force made recommendations to the Steering Committee for transitioning to an independent research network. In October 2021, they established a Governance Task Force to establish policies and procedures for future leadership of the network, and three standing committees: Conference, Education, and Communication & Networking.


Governance Task Force members and chairs of standing committees will serve as the Executive Leadership Committee of the BioTAP network that develops a permanent governance structure.

2021 Executive Leadership Committee

Governance Task Force Members

Adam Chouinard – Oregon State

Ryan Coker – Florida State

Olena James – Middle Tennessee State

Miriam Ferzli – NC State

Kelly McDonald – Sacramento State

Beth Schussler – Univ of Tennessee

Bill Wischusen – Louisiana State (emeritus)



Standing Committees Chairs/Co-Chairs


Conference - Frank Castelli (Cornell)

Education - Erin Shortlidge (Portland State) and Lori Kayes (Oregon State)

Communication and Networking - Dan Johnson (Wake Forest) and Jacob Jia (Trinity Washington U)

Repository Task Force - Larry Bowman (U of North Georgia) and Star Sharp (location)

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