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BioTAP Virtual Conference

Each year, BioTAP hosts a Virtual Conference that features individuals presenting research and new ideas related to TA teaching professional development. The goal of this conference is to continue sharing ideas and networking around the topic of how to best enhance the teaching practices of graduate and undergraduate instructors.

The Fifth BioTAP Virtual Conference is scheduled for

January/February 2023


Our keynote speaker for this year will be Dr. Erin Shortlidge, Associate Professor for biology education research at Portland State University.


Watch for additional announcements, opportunities to submit an abstract, and more in the coming weeks!

Videos From 2021 Virtual Conference

Monday, November 8


Introduction to the Conference and BioTAP.


Keynote - Measuring what we value: What does it take to transform GTA professional development?

Daniel Reinholz (San Diego State University)

Culturally Responsive Undergraduate Science Education: A training program for justice-focused science teaching.

Hillary A. Barron (Bemidji State University)

Avoiding, Minimizing, or Wrestling?: Discussing Uncertainty in Undergraduate General Biology Labs.

Sam Skrob-Martin (Florida State University), Sherry A. Southerland (Florida State University)

Nascent Idea Discussion: A Research Coordination Network in Undergraduate Biology Education (RCN-UBE) for Scientific Writing Instructors.

Dan Johnson (Wake Forest University)

“How might you explain what happened?": Fostering sensemaking in a biology lab through educative curricular supports for TAs.

Alyssa Freeman, Anna S. Grinath (Idaho State University), Angela Google, Zhigang Jia, Tina Carter (Middle Tennessee State University)


Tuesday, November 9


Talk moves as pedagogical tools for eliciting and working with student ideas in an undergraduate biology laboratory.

​Evan Barnes (Westmont College), Ron Gray (Northern Arizona University), Anna S. Grinath (Idaho State University)

Nascent Idea Discussion: Crafting a Blueprint for the Next Decade of Education and Scholarship on Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development.

Jeffrey T. Olimpo (University of Texas at El Paso), Amy Pate (Arizona State University), Amie M. Kern (University of Texas at El Paso)

Teaching assistant peer observation of labs and tutorials increased confidence, community and mindset in both novice and veteran TAs.

Cassandra Debets (Simon Fraser University and University of Manitoba), Megan Barker (Simon Fraser University)

How involving peer educators in curriculum development improves their own statistical training in the process of helping their peers.

Brent Stoffer, Brooke Lyman, Ally Boggs, Samantha Ashmore (University of Cincinnati)

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